EVERY WEDNESDAY 10 Food Will Win The War
FRI 8/1
8 Julian Cubillos
  9 Lizzie and The Sinners
Lizzie and the Sinners is an 8-piece, revival tent-style gospel band. Featuring lead singer Lizzie Edwards, Sarah Wise and Erica Smith on vocals, Charly Roth on keys, Jahn Xavier on guitar, James Winwood on lap steel, Tom Shad on bass, and Chris Schultz on drums, Lizzie and the Sinners will have you clapping your hands and praising the lord with the music of Mavis Staples, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Dr John, and more.
  10 Aaron N Brooke
  11 Milk
Milk is an up-and-coming blues/psychedelic rock n' roll band from Boston.
SAT 8/2
4 Moco Mata
  5:30 Young Tides
  7 Afternoon Delight with Chris Donahue
  8 Hamin Reed
Hamin Reed [hay min reid] is a conveyance of instruments, voice, and electricity. The music is classically themed, operatic, folk-rock and hip hop. The live show is transcendental.
  9 Lover's League
Bio-Reverend TJ McGlinchey and Dani Mari have joined forces to create the band Lovers League. The project is a combination of their solo songs performed as duets. Christopher Davis-Shannon & Dean Gorfti complete the sound of the band with their folk-pop rhythms. Reverend TJ McGlinchey’s folk and blues flavor compliment Dani Mari’s nostalgic pop vocal melodies. Their harmonies are natural and free flowing.
  10 Angel Ocana
11 The Breakneck Boys
The Breakneck Boys are a mountain soul-grass band with roots in the Hudson Valley and NYC. Their original music brings together the kinetic heart of the City and the laid back chill of the Catskills with a sound inspired by old school Motown vinyl, Lomax field recordings, and all night camp-fire jam sessions.
SUN 8/3
4-9 Organic Grill's Vegan BBQ (every Sunday)
Out Back at the Candy Store is a pop up feast of vegan goodies brought to you by Julia Chebotar of the East Village's Organic Grill. She brings a truly delicious menu of house made organic, vegan sliders, tacos, kebabs, salads and more.
  4 Barstool Tabernacle
  5-8:30 Open Mic
  9 No Time Time
  10 Mary Westlake
Mary Westlake and Friends is an indie rocky folky bluesy outfit from Brooklyn. Mary Westlake sings/songwrites, Howard Feibusch on guitar/vocals, Myles Heffernan slappa da bass, Patrick Estabrook drummin it up. Get ready to melt.
MON 8/4
7:30 Spelling Bee
  9:30 The Breaking Winds
You'll never see a show quite like this, nor expect it to be so much fun. The four ladies of the Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet combine their training as classical bassoonists with pop culture sensibilities and a dash of comedy. They're like a cover band that plays the hits of the last 500 years--with whoopie cushions and kazoos. Sit back and relax, but don't be surprised if you get hit in the head with a bassoon reed.
10:30 Adam Bellard
TUE 8/5
WED 8/6
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Food Will Win The War
11 Rusty Belle
A roots-rock junk-folk trio out of Amherst, MA featuring sibling harmonies with Matt Lorenz, Kate Lorenz and Zak Trojano. Strong songs sung honestly.
THU 8/7
8 Armand Margjeka
The second LP from Armand Margjeka, Hummingbird, was conceived as An Exhibition of 10 Works representing a series of creative recording sessions with a diverse and talented core of musicians. Hummingbird is the collective result of Margjeka’s production aesthetic complimented by three-time Grammy award winning engineer Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Beck, Outkast, Gnarls Barkley), Chris Steffen (Stereophonics, Ben Harper) and Eric Masse (Escondido, Rayland Baxter), and marks the continued intentional direction established on Margjeka’s debut solo album Margo Margo (2011) of creating honest art endeavors without preconceived parameters. "Margjeka's bluesy vocals soar as he picks at his guitar...Instantly memorable and filled with soul and vibrant imagery." –FILTER Magazine “Acoustic warmth with shimmers of electronic notes and nostalgic vocals with that megaphone-y feel.” –BBC Radio
9 The Fearless
Original hard rock with three part harmonies
10 Kings
Kings is sad but only in song. Theirs is a world that embraces a musical past where song-writing is the east and pizza is the sun. When a band could make a little thing like heartbreak sound as good as good as Kris Kristofferson, George Jones, or the Rolling Stones (but cuter).
"BLKKATHY is a Brooklyn-based pop duo that represents a new voice in the R&B spectrum, one that finds empowerment in refreshingly understated ways" - Jeff Min, Wax Poetics
FRI 8/8
8 Stephen Babcock
Born and raised in New Hartford, New York and now residing in New York City, Stephen began playing guitar at the age of 15 after hearing John Mayer’s “Room For Squares.” Since then, he has continued to craft his skills as a singer-songwriter, recording and performing a catalog of original music, including two EPs and one full-length LP. Stephen’s new EP, “Wishful Thinking,” was written and recorded upon returning home from touring and was released on May 9th 2014. The EP weaves southern charm with full band grooves to create Stephen’s most layered and complete sound to date. Drawing comparisons to artists like Brett Dennen and Matt Nathanson, Stephen’s robust performance and life experience come together to achieve a live show unparalleled in today’s pop music landscape.
9 Jesse Hanson and The Foundation
"Blurring the lines between alternative folk, pop, and dirty rock." Award-winning songwriter Jesse Hanson and her acoustic trio "The Foundation" combine alternative sounds with twinges of traditional folk and modern pop writing.
10 Mobile Wash Unit
Mobile Wash Unit is a power power-pop-cum-indie-rock band from NYC whose sound lies somewhere near the intersection of the Kinks, the Dream Syndicate, and Neil Diamond.
  11 Paco Naveira Band
SAT 8/9
4 Rashad Brown
  5 The Mayberries
  6 TBA
  8 Quinn DeVeaux
Blue beat soul music
  9 Air For Ants
Air For Ants was created in 2009 by Dominic Sahagun whose lustrous voice and unique style of songwriting attracted both musicians and listeners. The band at the time was composed of Howard Britz, Emily Holden, and Yoed Nir. However, after a time the group fizzled and was disbanded. Five years and over 30 songs later, Air For Ants has revived, this time as a progressive pop band. Air For Ants has taken the city by storm, playing all around Manhattan and Brooklyn alike. The band's debut EP was recorded in the spring of 2013 (Dan Fleisher eng.) and select tracks can be heard online at airforants.bandcamp.com
10 Holland Patent Public Library
This band sounds like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich followed by a big glass of milk. Sometimes loud, sometimes gentle, and, hopefully, satisfyingly filling in the end.
11 Real Things
You know that grateful feeling you get when Life shares a secret? That's a Real Thing. Real, Rock, Grit, Pop, Motown, Doo-Wop, Rhythm, Blues, Soul.
SUN 8/10
4-9 Organic Grill's Vegan BBQ (every Sunday)
Out Back at the Candy Store is a pop up feast of vegan goodies brought to you by Julia Chebotar of the East Village's Organic Grill. She brings a truly delicious menu of house made organic, vegan sliders, tacos, kebabs, salads and more.
  4 Barstool Tabernacle
  5-8:30 Open Mic
  9 My Favourite Things
My Favourite Things could be called singer-songwriter-ey, but they’re having a hard time with stamps/genres/file cabinets. They sing and play songs that are colored with elements of indie/folk/pop/rock/experimental/shoegaze, depending on the show or the song, the time or the mood. They can appear somewhere between a duo or 5-piece group, sometimes with a more rocky, sometimes folky and sometimes even electronic incarnation, depending on the occasion - (at Pete’s, we will probably be a duo, folk-style, but you never know)
  10 Aaron Lopez-Barrantes
Acoustic folk, blues, indie
  11 Condesa
Arresting melodic statements and vivid harmonies make Condesa a highly original exploration into American and Latin folk music.
MON 8/11
8 Maladama
Maladama is the experimental pop alter-ego of Mexico City's native Regina Larre Campuzano. Her music blends dark and textural soundscapes with swirling synth-pop harmonies and otherworldly vocals.
  9 Indira Valley
Indira Valey is a solo project generated by Valerie Perczek. She uses looped voice, guitar, trumpet, and percussion to channel corporal vibrations through improvisation and experimentation. Her style is influenced by her Colombian Jewish upbringing.
TWINKIDS, a harmonic synthpop duo formed in early 2013, consists of Tokyo-based singer-songwriter Gene Fukui and classical pianist, singer-songwriter and producer Matt Young, originally from Florida. Bringing together Gene’s experience working as a songwriter for major Japanese record labels and Matt’s conservatory training in piano performance and harmonic and rhythmic theory, TWINKIDS breaks mainstream pop tropes to deliver complex, electronics-heavy tunes with danceable beats and catchy hooks.
  11 Ginger Ale feat. Cheri Coke
Soul-Folk Canadian Doubles.
TUE 8/12
8 Alexandra Glassman
Alexandra Glassman is happy to be returning to Pete's Candy Store next month! Alexandra released her first EP "Dried Ink" in April 2014 and performs sets of original indie pop songs with her band.
LAUDS is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist, Genevieve Kammel Morris occasionally / interchangeably known as Thursday Fernworthy. She plays exclusively on recordings often with orchestrations numbering 15+ instruments; and her ability to compose in an array of genres allows her to achieve a sound that is markedly different album by album. She writes, records, & edits from her living room in Brooklyn, and self-releases through Hidden House Press.

Samuel Vas-Y
Having just released his debut album 'Tickly Teeth', Samuel Arnold, aka Samuel Vas-Y, is gaining momentum as an original 'singer song scribbler'. The record was produced by Windmill Lane Studios founder, Brian Masterson. Amongst the musicians involved on the album is Cathy Davey who sings a fun form of duet on the song 'Creeping and Crawling'. His song 'Millionaire of Hours' was released in South Korea under Rainbowtape Recordings and subsequently appears on an ad for major fashion label Comodo Square. It features American olympian / male model, Race Imboden. Samuel's boyhood in France brings influences of Latin music; from Tropicália to Freak-Folk, Serge Gainsbourg to Devendra Banhart, He sings in French as well as English.
The song entitled 'Tickly Teeth' (City Boy EP version), which has over 10,000 views on Youtube, was released on the album 'Oscar the Hypno Dog: And Other Tails' alongside the best of contemporary Irish musicians, such as Lisa Hannigan and Villagers. This led to numerous performances including the RTE Late Late Show. The album reached number 4 on the Irish charts. This contact led to wonderful collaborations which Samuel was to work with in the making of his debut album.

  11 Stephen Bartolomei
Stephen Bartolomei began as a pensive songwriter over a decade ago, performing under the name Mal Madrigal. With the release of his fourth record, All The Ghosts, Bartolomei has dropped the previous moniker, playing under his own name with comrades as an accurate label for the group of long time friends and musical collaborators who join him. Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, All The Ghosts is the most genuine representation of the musical talent of the band to date. Bartolomei's songwriting escapes easy categorization, nimbly shifting from lush melodic folk to electrified minor key moodiness. In its spare moments the music is intimate, in its crescendos, powerful. Bartolomei’s voice is compelling yet humble, in service to communicating the song. Stephen has shared the stage with notable artists including Calexico, Centro-Matic, Bright Eyes, Nina Nastasia, Destroyer, Simon Joyner, Richard Buckner, and many others.
 WED 8/13
7:30 Quizz-Off
  10 Food Will Win The War
  11 Jess Williamson
Jess Williamson’s debut album, Native State, simply doesn’t feel like your typical folk and country-inspired music from the South. Williamson’s approach is far too unique and haunting, too poetic and pointed to be lumped in with the rest of the twangy rabble. It is connected in sound and spirit to the deep heart of Texas but has the ability to transport us all to our own place of comfort, calm, and contentment.

"Sometimes she sounds like Angel Olsen or Joanna Newsom, but more often she sounds like a coyote—lonesome and half-rabid, howling into the sparse landscapes of her songs and then pausing, as if she’s waiting for an echo.” Pitchfork
THU 8/14
8 Holler
Music that will take you on a drive down south to upstate New York. Appalachian sounds of family, history, love, and sadness.
  9 Elephant Ear
"Meredith Monk meets the Crash Test Dummies" - Peter Swendsen (Oberlin)
  10 Snowday
"..a little slice of pop heaven in the Shins/Western States Motel vein" Andy Bodor - Cakeshop NYC Blog
  11 Thompson + Boombox
Thompson + Boombox is funky pop outfit born to make you boogie.
FRI 8/15
8 Dietrich Strause
Dietrich Strause brings his trio to Pete's Candy Store. Dietrich's meticulously crafted lyrics and melodies are brought to life by harmony vocals and grooves from Charlie Rose on upright bass and Dominic Billet on drums.
9 Nick Garrie
Nick's rare 1969 Baroque pop masterpiece The Nightmare of JB Stanislas has long been loved by psychedelic record collectors. The album's initial release was plagued by maladies including the suicide of Garrie's label manager, which led him to abandon the music industry, first returning to school and then managing a ski resort in the Swiss Alps. While the album brought flashes of success in Europe, including touring alongside Leonard Cohen in the mid 1980s, Garrie mostly remained largely out of sight, oblivious to Stanislas's growing cult popularity. Re-issued by Elefant Records in 2010 with previously unreleased songs, the album's rediscovery has prompted Garrie to return to performing for the first time in over forty years.
10 Black Roses
Female fronted indie rock band from queens
11 Good Times Cocaine
So how do you know when you're partying too hard? For Good Times Cocaine, the answer might be 'never.' Turbo-charged with high-velocity riffage and sweet ass harmonies perfect for sipping (or gulping) down a couple beers.
SAT 8/16
4 Filibustering Mortality
  5 The Mayberries
  6 Super Yamba Band
  8 Natalie Lurie
Harpist, Singer/Songwriter. Indie-pop/folk-rock.
9 Werewitch
  10 Unicycle Loves You
Brooklyn Noise Pop band whose new album has been described as having "more fuzz than a fat man's belly button" by Noisey and "brazenly stacks of muffed out guitars and harsh feedback with a dense rhythm section that would make J Mascis proud" by SPIN.
11 Pete Lanctot and The Stray Dogs
New York Music Daily writes that, "Pete Lanctot personifies pretty much everything good about New York's most happening music scene" His songs are surreal and mysterious narratives featuring sordid casts of characters who’s origins are vague, and seem equally likely to be found in present day New York City, a Memphis juke joint of the 1920s or hitchhiking a depression era plains state highway. Steeped in American traditions of blues, folk and country. Backed by The Stray Dogs, a talented and versatile cast of musicians and improvisers Lanctot’s music is original, rabble rousing, heartbreaking and soul searching, always exploring the non-traditional without relying on reproduction.
SUN 8/17
  5-8:30 Open Mic
  9 Boyd Shropshire
Queens-based Boyd Shropshire (Human Television, Kurt Vile, Slow Country) has been quietly crafting his own brand of hallucinatory pop for well over a decade. His dedication to analog and experimental recording techniques produces blankets of warm and inviting sound. He also is founder of Wonderland Archives, an independent label he runs with his girlfriend.
  10 Wild leaves
Wild Leaves are five friends who moved from the midwest to Brooklyn together. That distance is reflected in their songs. Their sound is something nostalgic, something with history–like a record rediscovered in your attic. The soaring harmonies, assertive rhythm section, and shimmering electric guitars have drawn comparisons to the west coast sounds of The Byrds, CSNY, & Jefferson Airplane. Yet, there is something still distinctly relevant to today–like the sound of a memory not yet lost.
  11 Chase King
Chase King creates pop gems in Brooklyn, NY. He currently writes music for his solo project, and as a part of label-mate Slow Country. With a long evolution from drummer to singer and multi-instrumentalist, he has developed a highly nuanced, handcrafted sound, and shifts with ease between driving rhythms and a textured, folksy psychedelia.
MON 8/18
8 Jon Wiley
  9 Spider
  10 Hannah Cranton
Americana/Folk/Singer/Song-writer “has captivated crowds with her transfixing voice and eclectic words.” (The Noise) Her music has been described as “clear, open and expressive” (Lynn Happens) along with being “all woman…conjuring up Baez and Collins with its rich cadence.” (Art Throb)
  11 Zak Marmalevsky
"The music of Zak Marmalefsky is simultaneously of this age and not of this world ... His music — sometimes poignant, sometimes off-color, often both at the same time — is never a throwback put-on." —Riverfront Times
TUE 8/19
8 Eva L
  9 Daniel Lovgren
  10 Mike Pace and The Child Actors
Mike Pace and the Child Actors is the new expectation-exceeding rock outfit from Mike Pace, formerly of Oxford Collapse.
  11 Matt LeMay
WED 8/20
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Food Will Win The War
  11 Jess Williamson
Jess Williamson’s debut album, Native State, simply doesn’t feel like your typical folk and country-inspired music from the South. Williamson’s approach is far too unique and haunting, too poetic and pointed to be lumped in with the rest of the twangy rabble. It is connected in sound and spirit to the deep heart of Texas but has the ability to transport us all to our own place of comfort, calm, and contentment.

"Sometimes she sounds like Angel Olsen or Joanna Newsom, but more often she sounds like a coyote—lonesome and half-rabid, howling into the sparse landscapes of her songs and then pausing, as if she’s waiting for an echo.” Pitchfork
THU 8/21
8 Ady Johnson
Folk, Soul and Blues with an off kilter pop sensibility from London - UK!
  9 Wolf Van Elfmund
Wolf and his guitar present songs of american roots pulling from blues, folk, and soul thus creating an erie performance of operatic proportions.
  10-12 The Chain Collaborative takes over Pete's
The Chain Collaborative takes over Pete's! $10 suggested donation gets you a beer and good vibes. Featuring the music of Peck, Lee Godleski, and Isaac Gillespie. Proceeds benefit coffee farmers in Peru and will help start a revolving fund for women's loans. Come drink, hear music, and be merry for a great cause.
10 Isaac Gillespie
10:45 Lee Godleski
  11:30 Chris Peck
FRI 8/22 5:30 Brooklyn Comedy Festival
8 Free Advice
An unholy trinity of banjo, mandolin, and songbird vocals.
9 Kendy Gable
A special album release show! Kendy Gable is releasing her second full-length album entitled, 'Always, Somewhere, It is Morning.' Kendy's music is poetic and honest. Her full band plus special guests on violin and peddle steel will be joining her for the evening.
10 Jason Zucker
11 Workman Song
Like a Bob Dylan-Edward Sharpe hybrid, Workman Song is a gritty, freewheeling folk project that whittles and leans its way into your heart by way of earnest, amber-toned songs exploring the edges of faith ... Workman Song is some sort of cult, possibly involving ice cream, just waiting to happen. We’re among the first converts, but we’re sure soon you’ll be joining us.” — The Wild Honey Pie
SAT 8/23 4 Pekky Savan
  5 Rachel

Steff Small
"Trumpeting her powerful voice over an lush blend of folk, pop, and rock, Australian native Steph Small channels a variety of inspirations -- from Carole King and Natalie Cole to Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, and Imogen Heap.

Currently living, writing and gigging on the East Coast, Steph's music explores the essence of humanity -- the joy, the pain, the imperfection. In her songs, she fights for hope amidst the darkness, in an effort to make music that moves the soul."

  8 Matt Dobkin
Matt Dobkin marries blues, country, and roots-inspired pop. Inspired by classic recordings of the early 1970s, when country music and R&B intersected — when soul artists like Al Green recorded country tunes by people like Kris Kristofferson — Matt's new show riffs on this brand of vintage American music.
  9 The Hinges
Psych folk duo from Olympia Wa.
  10 Shannon Soderlund
Having grown up singing in her family’s band from the time she was three, Shannon doesn't know any other life but the one expressed and lived in song. Her curiosities in jazz, soul, R&B, and church music led her to New York City, where she embraces making music with serious and unrestricted enthusiasm. She is currently working to release an EP of original music in the late summer of 2014.
  11 Nosy Mangabe
Nosy Mangabe's music is strange, captivating, and melodic, with lyrics ranging from vulnerable introspection, to fanciful stories about men who ride tornadoes in the hopes of getting to kiss clouds that resemble their lovers. With dueling ukuleles at the helm, the forces of this progressive-jazz-folk quintet fuse the whimsical, weird, and wonderful, producing an exquisite maelstrom of sound, guaranteed to leave the listener's hair messy.
SUN 8/24
5-8:30 Open Mic
  9 Dani Mari & Will Hanza as "Owl & Wolf"
Folktress Dani Mari has combined forces with the experimental sounds of Will Hanza. Their union infuses influences from americana, blues and folk music. The mixture of acoustic instruments with sultry melodies and harmonies create a sound that can be described as Dark Folk.
  10 The Fancy
The Fancy is a chamber-pop band featuring Barret Anspach (Night Cadet) Amy Cimini (Anthony Braxton, Christy and Emily), Seth Garrison (Night Cadet), and Clara Latham (Frankie Rose, Starring). They have shared bills with Kathleen Hanna, Kim Gordon, Corey Dargel, Anni Rossi, Schwervon, Pterodactyl, John Ginoli, and The Lisps. All the while, the band’s crafty hooks, odd time signatures, and heartfelt lyrics, have continued to set the Fancy apart. Check out their full length record DON’T WAIT UP. With buttery vocal harmonies soaring over quilted instrumental counterpoint, the Fancy is a special fusion of sound, with a long road ahead.
  11 TBA
MON 8/25 9 Leah Spreckhard
Leah Speckhard is a pop-synth singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn who grew up half in Europe and loves to write about guys' shortcomings and growing up (but is afraid that that makes her sound like Taylor Swift). A little bit of La Roux mixed with Lorde and Sara Bareilles.
10 Lise
Lise is a French pianist, composer and singer/songwriter. Her classical background infuses her popular musical repertoire, as her music ranges from beautiful ballads to playful hiphop covers. She has performed in various venues throughout Paris and has opened for numerous internationally known musicians such as Yael Naim or Jay Jay Johanson.
11 Marny Lion Proudfit
Marny Lion Proudfit is a singer/songwriter from a small mountain town in the Utah Rockies. She creates pure, raw and bloody art loaded with passion and delivered with a lovely authority. Marny's next release set for the beginning of next year is going to shake things up.
TUE 8/26 8 David Strange
The David Strange EP is an acid lullaby, jukebox music from the future underground. Each track has a strong sense of itself; a thick narrative rope of surreal American fable and admonition runs through the center of every miniature world, surrounded by an ecosystem that’s alternately electric and dissonant, manic and devoted. The songs crackle with life and immediacy; the lyrics suffuse the body before clicking into shape in the mind, and they linger. The EP will be released in Fall 2014...stay tuned.
9 Christina Kaminis
Inspired by blues, folk, and jazz, Cristina's music is not put into a box of either. Her vocal texture reminds of jazz singers of the past yet a mix of styles can be heard throughout her songs. Accompanied by the talents of Isamu McGregor on keys, her music is honest and of it's own kind.

Little Sparrow
A side project of singer/songwriters Emily Cavanagh and Carl Banks. Banks is a Brooklyn dwelling self-taught musician and storyteller, playing acoustic blues/roots music as a one man band in oyster bars and venues across the globe for years. Cavanagh, a Chicago native and jazz singer by trade with a great indie pop sensibility, has a sound that has captured and warmed the hearts of New York City. Off the success of her new record “Keep it with mine,” Cavanagh has teamed up with Banks to form a project called “little sparrow.” Two old souls with two distinct sounds, their taste in music blends as well as their voices. With a set that is a mix of originals and covers, throwbacks and love songs, the boy-girl duo trade vocals on Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Judy Garland, and Ryan Adams covers, while bringing in nice harmonies and modern day takes on their original tunes. The duo has taken their collaboration to Europe and around the United States.

11 Brett Williams
Music was always my driving force growing up. I got my first guitar at 11 and taught myself how to play; joined a band and started playing out at 15. I grew up in Virginia Beach and transitioned to New York at 21 to further my musical passion. My sound reflects the life I've led thus far as well as my quest for the fundamental truth in this world.
WED 8/27
7:30 Quizz-Off
10 Food Will Win The War
11 Maria Colores
Maria Colores is a chilean composer and singer, of pop folk music, she plays the piano, cuatro and guitar... beautiful songs in Spanish.
THU 8/28 6 8x8
8:30 Andrew Duhon
Andrew Duhon and Myles Weeks Southern Blues Folk Artist
  9:30 Angel Ocana
Angel Ocana is a singer songwriter from Brooklyn, NY who now resides in Philadelphia, PA. Ocanas live performances are intimate and enchanting with delicate and soulful vocal melodies. His songs transport you into his intimate reflections of life, love and everything that comes with it.
  10:30 Adam Bernstein
FRI 8/29
8 Ana Becker
Ana Becker is a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter who writes gross girly bedroom pop songs, sometimes about mythological figures....And sometimes not. She also fronts a twee-punk band called City Mice, who are gearing up for their debut this fall.
9 Tommy Siegel
Tommy Siegel is 33.3% of indie-pop band Jukebox the Ghost and 20% of conspiracy-punk band Drunken Sufis. As for his solo material, expect murder ballads, songs about the internet, and whatever else he feels like because he is governed by no other authority than his own free will and his desire to fill the tip bucket.
10 Company
Company is a songwriting collective and rock band rooted in folk, punk, country, and psychedelic traditions formed in Brooklyn by Christopher Teret, Stephanie Rabins, David Janik, and Adam Davison in 2001. Jagjaguwar imprint Brah Records released two Company albums, "Parallel Time" (2005) and "Old Baby" (2008). Company is set to self-release its latest, "Over the Mountain," as a vinyl LP, a CD, and a digital download on August 8, 2014.
  11 Andrew Deutsch
Andrew Deutsch has been writing and recording independent pop and rock music for over 25 years, mostly with the Florida-born Home. He'll be playing songs by Home and other projects (Disbelief St., 3 Treasures, Please Give). He'll play some new songs, too. He hasn't done a set like this before. He's been feeling a little reflective.
  4 Jon Braman
  5 MaG
  6 Lynette Williams
  8 Miles Wick
Miles Wick is a songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. While very much in the indie/folk world, his singing draws heavily on his background in jazz and improvised music. His first full length album, So Much Love, was released in June, 2014. Don Paris Schlotman writes: "His voice rings clear and true with a tone that is simultaneously uplifting but also slightly melancholic....It’s not often an album gives chills not only on your arm, but in your heart. I entreat you to dive into this lush and beautiful ocean, to swim far away from the shore of everyday life, of physical entrapment, to be lost in the sea of love.
  9 Votive Crown
Votive Crown is a Brooklyn duo featuring 70's studio sensibilities, experimental looping, country-soul textures, and riff-based improvisations. Female vocals run through harmonizers, and slap echos sync to guitar fuzz and volume swells. Their set balances re-arranged classics & through composed originals with elements of modal jazz, psych, philly soul, and indie singer/songwriter.
  10 Monster Furniture
Monster Furniture is the solo project from Gabe Smoller of local bands Black and White Movies and Trash Gendar. His songs are quietly devastating meditations on aquatic life, horror flicks, missed connections, and things that go bump in the night.
  11 Memento Mori
Sun 8/31 4-9  
  5-8:30 Open Mic
  9 Rivky Gee
Rivky’s musical career took off last year, joining Cellist, Brian Sanders, with the writing and recording of their first Album-EP, Angel Sings the Blues. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Rivky's music combines unique beat structure, a folksy blues style, and the influence of her Hassidic culture upbringing. Rivky's work has been compared to Jacques Brel, Laura Nyro, Billy Joel, Sara McLachlan, and early Regina Spektor.

A self-taught musician and artist, Rivky attempts to compose a symmetry to her, sometimes, discombobulated perception which, she says, good or bad, plays like a fuzzy, backdrop hum in her day to day routine and ignites her creative spark.

This year Rivky and Brian were invited to perform at Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in NYC featuring Suzanne Vega. Recently, they were also included on the bill for the Millennium Stage at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.
  10 Old Best Friend
Story-driven songwriter. Plays loud and quiet songs about car accidents and that person you've been trying to forget. You should keep in touch.
  11 Valerie Geffner
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