MON 12/1
 7:30 Spelling Bee
   9:30 Mackenzie Shivers
   10:30 Odell
Original acoustic Americana brought to you by sixteen strings, three voices, and four New York souls.
TUE 12/2
 8 Joni Fatora
   9 Anna and Kate
Anna/Kate are a NYC queer folk-pop band. It's the usual, girl-meets-girl, girls-form-folk-duo, story. They perform at music venues, theater festivals, pop-up performance parties and parties. Their EP is available for sale and streaming @ Bandcamp

Little King
   11 Kim Mayo

WED 12/3
 7:30 Quizz-Off
   10 Hidden Wool
A band most likely born thirty years too late, but making the best of it, The Hidden Wool have gathered a good half-century's worth of musical and cultural influences in order to craft a collection of short stories and social commentaries, cunningly disguised as singalong pop songs.

Eric + Erica is an indie-pop duo from Chapel Hill, NC making music with two voices, an autoharp, drums and a synthesizer. They make intimate music and invite you in to it.
THU 12/4
 8 Brian Bond
Partially confessional, formerly straightforward songs subjected to meanderings and hopefully psychedelic spatialization. Voice, electric guitar, pedal steel or keyboard, and acoustic/electronic percussion.
   9 Malcolm Parson featuring Andrew Sharon and Sam Weber
Malcolm Parson continues to search for the right texture while blending the essence of several genres into one captivating sound, a trio. With his latest project, featuring Andrew Sheron on mandolin/guitar and Sam Weber on upright bass, the trio dismantles the separation of musical language by infusing world music, folk, jazz and contemporary classical compositions. Performing compositions like "Lord of The Flies", containing melodic undertones of bluegrass standards matched with the pulse of New York's progressive pace and intensity, this trios' passion for their compositions remains stirring, eclectic, tranquil and uplifting. Parson reflects his journey in his debut album, "ANTMY (anatomy)", released July 2012. He's had the honor to share the stage with legends such as Ron Carter, David Liebman, Christian Howes, Terri Lynn Carrignton, and Patrice Rushen to name a few. He is currently a member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops.
   10 Wild Manes
Harmony-heavy Indie Folk Rock
   11 Burn Collectors
Burn Collectors are a Brooklyn five-piece that play guitar-and-piano-driven rock n' roll, with 3-part harmonies and lyrics that are dark, comic, and will sometimes rhyme.
FRI 12/5
 7 Pete's Multifarious Array
   9 Bowery Boy Blue
"Sometimes you hear music that is so heartbreakingly beautiful that you can't help being drawn to it. That is definitely the case with NYC's Bowery Boy Blue. Their debut CD, Stalk That Myth, plays like a lo-fi Americana orchestra. Touching vocals delivered in a way that you can't get out of your head, layered instrumentation... it's all there. Take a listen to "Come Closer, Sisters" and hear for yourself." --IA: Instrumental Analysis
   10 Bali Hai
Bali Hai is a rock and roll trio that performs the songs of Dash Hammerstein, with Adam Rothfeld on bass and James Caballero on drums. The songs range from psychedelic slow-burners to breakneck barn-burners, all with Dash's signature melodic charm.
   11 Low Mein
4 little boys make nice noise to the people in the crowd.

SAT 12/6
   4 Hank May
   5:30 Field Guides
   8 Jason Maksymilian (of American Darlings)
Jason Maksymilian has been performing with bands up and down the East Coast for the past decade. When not fronting Brooklyn's alt rock, fuzz pop outfit American Darlings, Jason writes stripped down acoustic folk rock that echoes Elliot Smith, J Mascis and Paul Weller, filled with clever chords and melodic pop sensibility that will keep you humming along after the show.
   9 Golden Alphabet
Based around the songwriting of Tommy Cormier, Golden Alphabet has reformed in Brooklyn after uprooting from its original home in Tucson, Arizona. They deliver an aesthetic of lyrically-driven, melancholy indie folk with colors of ethereal, psychedelic, and baroque pop arrangements.

Lazy bedroom rock. <3
   11 The Met
The Met is a three piece rock n' roll band from Brooklyn, New York. Dejected descendants of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, incongruent cousins of The Velvet Underground, we play a brand of music that is seldom heard in the night clubs or on the airwaves. It's like a conversation, jazz with a backbeat, a trip through the ancestral picture gallery of your dreams. We don't really know of a scene that we'd like to be a part of, or what clothes we'd like to wear. We're too distracted by one manic obsession. Even today, after all the genres that have cruised up the Infobahn, we still seem willing to cling to what looks to be outdated and long gone: Rock n' Roll. It feels good? Do it. It might sound a bit naive. Well, that's electric music for you, you're flying without a license. Over the edge, on the verge, love us or hate us - this is our music.
SUN 12/7
 4 Barstool Tabernacle

Open Mic

Tica Douglas

Kyle Morgan

Dan Kleederman

MON 12/8
 8 Deborah Smith
   9 Milton's Back Room B-Side Party
Milton and friends play songs of George Harrison.
   10 Ben Cosgrove
Ben Cosgrove is a touring composer/performer who writes instrumental music inspired by landscape, place, and geography. His music has been called "compelling and beautiful," "dazzling," and "commanding."
  11 Chris Lind

TUE 12/9
 7 Firestone Comedy Hour
Jo Firestone (Punderdome 3000, Broad City) moderates this panel on how to make friends. Audience members are encouraged to bring personal questions and concerns. A small reception (where you can apply your new skills) following the panel will be at the bar.
  9 Poor Whites
Poor Whites do "Pussydog" the musical. A melange of forgotten folk heroes and homilies for the kids to grow by. Do not miss "Pussydog"!
   10 Lizzie and The Makers

 11 Craig Paddock
WED 12/10
 7:30 Quizz-Off
   10 Hidden Wool
A band most likely born thirty years too late, but making the best of it, The Hidden Wool have gathered a good half-century's worth of musical and cultural influences in order to craft a collection of short stories and social commentaries, cunningly disguised as singalong pop songs.

 11 Shit Show
Shit Show is an art collective that orbits around music. We are dedicated to spreading rawness, rage, and sincerity. When forced to nomenclate, we refer to ourselves as Country Punk Noise. We are awful excited to be recording our first full-length album this December with Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen so keep an ear peeled for that and check us out on our various social media outlets in the meantime:
THU 12/11
 7:30 Pete's Reading Series

9 Pantaleon
Pantaleon is the solo recording project of Edward Sturtevant. Impressionistic narratives set against looped voice and guitar.
  10 Steve Nelson
Check out my new album "1903" - available on Vinyl and streaming on Spotify and bandcamp.
  11 Bill Bartholemew
Whether fronting band Silverteeth or delivering an intimate solo acoustic performance, Brooklyn singer-songwriter Bill Bartholomew captivates audiences with his powerful persona, warm voice and well-crafted originals
FRI 12/12
 8 Ocean Music
OCEAN MUSIC is a project of twenty-five year old, New York-based Multi-Disciplinary artist Richard Aufrichtig. His work has been described as "blurring the lines between music, poetry and theater" (KCAW Radio).

Tiffany Wilson
Tiffany Wilson lives in Brooklyn and hails from Granada Hills, California. She fuses her roots based in blues, jazz, and pop for a truly intimate and fun combination of original compositions.

Kendy Gable
Kendy grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, but has found herself living in cities for the past decade. Her music connects both worlds and leaves you feeling comforted. With a pure voice that has been compared to Joan Baez and a guitar inspired by Nick Drake, her music is otherworldly, yet familiar.

Margot MacDonald
Featured on NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concerts, Voice of America and TEDx; songwriter, vocalist and live looper, Margot MacDonald embodies a one-woman band. A long time guitarist and pianist, her instrumentation has expanded to include unconventional vocal accompaniments created live thru the use of a loop pedal. Haunting, powerful and indie-pop driven, Margot's performances make you forget the technology she hones, as you lose yourself in layers of lush vocals and striking melodies.

SAT 12/13
   4 Will McCranie
   5:30 The Mayberries
   8 Hamin Read
Hamin Reed [hay min reid] is melodic songwriting with acoustic instruments, voice, and electricity. The music is classically themed, operatic, folk-rock and hip hop. The live show is transcendental. Hamin Reed is currently based in New York City.

brooklyn winter pop, best enjoyed with a glass of red wine. This is a very special stripped down show, with viola by nick pauly!

A Night of Experimental Film with Rad Donley Records
  10 Yardgames & LoFiOscillator present "Spaced Explorers"
Spaced Explorers is an audiovisual collaboration between musician/producer Yardgames (Will Lakritz), and glitch artist LoFiOscillator (Kevin Brouder). Join the duo as they embark upon the wonders of the Spaced Galaxy, like the Outerbridges and the Magma Carta.
   11 Foglabs presents "The Experiment Suite Capsule Experiment"
Fog Labs is an intergalactic scientific research organization, dedicated to discovering and upending the universe's most far-flung stones. We do work that others refuse, populating the air and psyche alike with the shining spirit of love. You are invited you to join us astride the established boundaries of learning, within or without the scopious institutions of Fog Labs.
The Experiment Suite Capsule Experiment is a guided temporary experience designed to massage the soul through approximately two thousand seconds of curated colors and sound. Please remember to make all appropriate human preparations before entering the capsule!

SUN 12/14
 4 Barstool Tabernacle
   5 Open Mic
   9 Kami Maltz
Kami Maltz, singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her innovative duo combines folk elements with both English and Hebrew lyrics using unique instrumentations such as the Autoharp, Banjo, Ukelele and the Baritone Sax.
   10 Paper Streets
1996 Steven Malkmus + Jeff Bridges in True Grit
   11 Joseph Sant
Sant and his five-piece band play oblique pop songs that wax and wane with pedal stell, falsetto vocals, and studious noise.
MON 12/15
 8 Deborah Smith

Ian Wayne
Ian Wayne lives in Brooklyn and plays guitar and piano, normally in his apartment. He is sick and tired of that. He loves to listen to Joni Mitchell, Arthur Russel, Michael Hurley, Roy Orbison and Luke Temple . He's starting to like some soft rock, too.
   10 n y t y l y
Positive peaceful dream pop for warmth
  11 Real Things
You know that feeling you get when Life shares a secret? That's a Real thing.
TUE 12/16
 7 Used Gravitrons #18 Reading and Release Party
Used Gravitrons is a quarterly journal of weird and absurd fiction based in Brooklyn. Come grab a copy of the magazine and tune in as our contributors read selections from the latest issue.
   9 Dino Hatzis
Art the Rat is the solo project of Dino Hatzis from the Las Vegas band Shiny Boots of Leather. He will be performing acoustic songs from his new album Nausea.
   10 Wooden Soles
   11 The Leeway

WED 12/17
 7:30 Quizz-Off

 10 Hidden Wool
A band most likely born thirty years too late, but making the best of it, The Hidden Wool have gathered a good half-century's worth of musical and cultural influences in order to craft a collection of short stories and social commentaries, cunningly disguised as singalong pop songs.

Mitch Bradford
THU 12/18
 6:30 Quiz Finals
   10:30 Miss Tess & Thomas Bryan Eaton
A special set from the dynamic duo of Miss Tess & Thomas Bryan Eaton. Expect new songs, old songs, sweet harmonies, delicious guitar licks & heart's on fire. Some have called it a "TNT Implosion."
FRI 12/19
 8 Charming Disaster
Charming Disaster, a musical duo based in Brooklyn, NY, features indie bandleaders Ellia Bisker of Sweet Soubrette and Jeff Morris of Kotorino. They perform tragi-comic duets about love, death, crime, and the paranormal—exploring in song the various kinds of trouble a couple of people can get into with a ukulele and a guitar. New York Music Daily describes Charming Disaster as "jaunty yet absolutely creepy...menacingly charming.” Their song "Ghost Story" was recently featured on the hit podcast Welcome To Night Vale, and will appear on their debut album, planned for release in late 2014.

Old Time Musketry
Old Time Musketry presents a distinctly American music that draws on the exuberant spirit of jazz, the poignant melodies and soulful grooves of rock and folk music, the energy and spontaneity of free improvisation, and a willfully experimental attitude towards combining these elements into a unique vision of American music. Their 2012 debut, "Different Times," received a 4-star rating in Downbeat Magazine as well as several "Best Debut of the Year" mentions. The follow-up album, "Drifter," will be released in early 2015. With Adam Schneit: saxophone, clarinet; JP Schlegelmilch: accordion, piano; Phil Rowan: bass; Max Goldman: drums, melodica

Cherch (of The Bottom Dollars)

Free Advice
Often perched around a single microphone, the members of Free Advice summon the energy of lush vocal harmony, fluttering strings, and an age-old rhythmic tone. A trio that blends elements of multiple musical traditions, they create a sound which is accessible and yet difficult to define. Anchored by a decade of collaboration, Travis Stewart, Bailey Rayne, and Ben Engel explore the ever-growing potentiality of their music."

SAT 12/20
   4-7 This Is Not The Radio Showcase
Jon Paul
Jessie Davis
Nicholas Zork
Ali Carter
Daniel Tetreault
   8 Phoebe Blue and the Make Baleaves
Phoebe Blue is from Staten Island and currently host her once a month Creative Happening.
   9 Nova Luz
Nova Luz is from NYC and also plays in punk band The amputees.
  10 American Anymen
American Anymen is an antifolk act dedicated to undermining the class based art of this culture.
   11 Little Cobweb
Little Cobweb is the musical project of NYC artist Angela Carlucci.
  12 Julian Cubillos Band
Freak pop ensemble in an ode and farewell to some dear Toronto-bound friends.
SUN 12/21
 4 Barstool Tabernacle

 5 Open Mic
   9 Borges - Joyful Noise
One Voice. One Body. No instruments. Five languages. New York/Venezuelan experimental musician, Borges is an extremely eclectic songwriter. Armed with an array of digital and analogue technologies, uses her voice to blend the music of disparate times and places, creating alluring sonic collages all in real time. It's like being inside a composer's mind while she works, and the effect is totally mesmerizing. "Joyful Noise" may well be the strangest Christmas album ever; recorded entirely with her own voice in five languages.
  10 Roto's Magic Act Holiday Special
"A killer new record—magic . . ." —The New York Observer "Casual brilliance . . . a masterful pop songwriter." —Blurt Magazine "A multi-layered, stylistic circus of marvelous songs." —Guitar Player
   11 Samuel Vas-Y
He released his debut album 'Tickly Teeth' earlier this year, and has picked up great momentum as an original 'singer song scribbler'. It was produced by Windmill Lane Studios founder, Brian Masterson, in Dublin. A single, 'Millionaire of Hours' was released in South Korea under Rainbowtape Recordings and subsequently appears on an ad for fashion label Comodo Square. It also features on Irish surfer, Fergal Smith's documentary series 'Growing'. 'Tickly Teeth' was included on the album 'Oscar the Hypno Dog' alongside Divine Comedy and The Villagers. Samyel is currently performing and travelling in the States; having gone on tour with Cathy Davey and played many venues and festivals in Ireland.
MON 12/22
 8 Deborah Smith

Andrew Sovine
Drawing from influences such as Ry Cooder, Bill Frisell, Roy Buchannan, Jimmie Rodgers, and many others, an Andrew Sovine show is likely to be as unpredictable as an iPhone on shuffle. Having played as a sideman for artists and bands (Kink Ador, Kelleigh Bannen, Hannah Aldridge, Cale Tyson, Luke Bell, and tons more) for well over a decade, Andrew recently moved to Brooklyn and embarked a journey as frontman and solo performer. Whether playing classic country standards, instrumental improvisations, or a bluesy Hendrix jam, you'll see an intriguing performance with very few easily guessed moves by the guitarist and singer. Keep an ear out, and a close look to see what's next for him.

Kelli King
Singer-songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. Americana songs about trains, outlaws, regret and whoa.

Joanna Sternberg
Joanna Sternberg is a 23 year-old singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from New York City. Her music can be described as country/folk/roots music. She writes songs about the span of human emotions. She is also a visual artist.

TUE 12/23
8 Rachael Cardiello and the Warm Electric Winter
Born in tornado alley, raised between mountains in Montana, and now residing in Toronto where she leads a six-piece soul band, Rachael Cardiello sings of cross-border living, mental institutions, love, ghosts, and an eclectic history of homes in an alternative version of the American dream. This is a genre-crossing music. It is a brassy, full-throttle dance party with the intimate counterpoint of chamber music. It is old time rock and roll with classic harmonies and a wall of sound. It is heartfelt and honest with all the extremes.
  9 Jaymay
Jaymay is a singer from New York. On November 1st, 2014, she released an album called Jaymay in Norway. She will release another album early next year called Enlighten Me.
  10 David Strange
  11 TBA
WED 12/24
THU 12/25


FRI 12/26
 8 TBA

Wood, Wires, and Whiskey

Flying Dodo Society

Jason Tracktenberg

SAT 12/27 8 TBA
  9 Wood, Wires, and Whiskey

Devin Tracy
Devin Tracy is a singer/songwriter from Jacksonville, Fl. He moved to New York 2 years ago to pursue his dream in the music industry. He's been gigging all over New York City making a new for himself. He recently released an EP called "Goodmorning" It consist of 6 songs. It has a great morning feel to it, very soothing. With his sultry vocals on smooth, soulful tracks you are in for a treat. It can found on his music page.
  11 Blythe Sword

SUN 12/28
 4 Barstool Tabernacle

 5 Open Mic
   9 Wood, Wires, and Whiskey
   10 Ana Becker
Ana Becker is a Brooklyn-based guitarist / songwriter and creator of Songs for Muses (, a blog and collection of songs, each written from the perspective of a different woman from Greek mythology. The songs tell the stories of nine "muses" in their own words: a feminist twist on ancient literature. When she's not geeking out over myths, Ana can be found fronting twee-punk girl-band City Mice. Keep your eye out for City Mice's debut EP, coming out early 2015!
   11 Soundstatues
MON 12/29
8 Deborah Smith
  9 Wood, Wires, and Whiskey
  10 TBA

11 TBA

TUES 12/30
8 Starina
  9 Wood, Wires, and Whiskey

10 TBA

11 TBA
WED 12/31 8-12 Brooklyn Drinkers Union presents....
  8 Don Paris Schlotman and the Hired Goons
  9 James Margolis
  10 The Sky Captains of Industry
  11 Rue Snider and No Strand